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It saddens me that I have not written a post in several years. The job, the studio and the band have occupied my time to the extent that I must forego writing for now. I will, I’m sure, get back into it when I am no longer working this many hours.

I am a 50+ year veteran of the music business, still performing approximately 60 dates per year with These Guys Live. As a musician, singer, songwriter and recording artist, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the greats in the industry.


I have also recorded a couple of CDs that are still available. You can learn about both CDs and my entire career in music at www.MichaelKontras.com.

Over the last four decades, I’ve had thousands of conversations with people all over the country at what is commonly called the “grassroots”. Their words have helped me to understand much about this world. It’s because of these wonderful people and their stories, that I’ve been able to form my opinions from first-hand experiences rather than the blather that is often heard in media.


Like millions of others around the globe, I have a variety of interests that include politics (call me crazy), religion (even more crazy), current events, media, automobiles, electronics, and of course, music. I didn’t include my wife, Lonna, because she is hardly just an “interest”. She is my best friend and confidante. I also didn’t include my two sons, Adam and Kenny, because they too are far more than “interests”. I love them both and have enjoyed watching them grow up to be kind, warm-hearted men.

I find writing to be both addicting and cathartic. Most of all, it forces me to back up my statements with facts – something I know many bloggers do not do.

All of that said, Here’s my latest post, albeit several years ago.

Hopefully this gives you some insight to my thinking.

Please do not hesitate to respond.

I learn when I listen.





  1. Hello,

    First, I love it when websites require a name and an email. If someone wants to put down his email address, he will, if he doesn’t, he’ll put something fake in there, which is what I did. Naw, I’m not Jeff Weber. I remember him though. He was a year behind me at Whetstone. I hadn’t thought about him in years, and then just the other day someone mentioned him, or at least the name “Jeff Weber”.

    Hell, you probably will never read this and you wouldn’t remember me if you did. Heck, I barely remember me. I do remember the Dubonnets though. But I must confess I never saw them. I never even knew who the members were. As I recalled, when I did mention the group, I’d call them the “Dew-Bonnets”, like early morning condensation on a woman’s hat. It was kind of a lame bit of silly humor. I really did know how to pronounce it.

    I miss those days. I’m about as sentimental as anyone on the planet. Truth is, I still act 18 a lot of the time. Once in a blue moon someone will say something patently obvious and I might mutter “Chet Long”. No one remembers that euphemism, yet I still use it once in a while. Now and then I’ll dig-out the Legend yearbook, open it up and turn back the clock. I wonder where some of those folks are today. Unfortunately some are now gone. Thankfully, one of them is not me, whoever I am.

  2. So, mystery person, if you’re not Jeff, but you still remember the Dubonnets, what makes you think I wouldn’t remember you? You would be surprised at how many people have contacted me either through this blog (which unfortunately, I’ve had to put aside for awhile) or my website, http://www.michaelkontras.com. If you would like to e-mail me, and let me know who you are, you can do so through that site. Those were great times for a lot of us and it’s nice to hear from people who were there.

    Michael Kontras

  3. I remember you at hideaway hills Your band was polished and wonderful. I was 13.Our first gig.We were humbled :).. We were out of our league. Your Rhoades was the first I ever saw…or heard. I think your band pic was in front of the fireplace up in the restaurant?
    All the best, Mike Carr

    • Hi Mike. Thanks for responding! We played there a few times. The one photo I have of the band in front of the fireplace was just before I joined the band, so they were just the five-piece: Dan Davies, vocals; Ric Brantner, guitar, saxophone, vocals; Dan Westbrock, guitar, vocals; Ric Hilliard, bass; Tim Groff, drums;

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