March 25, 2009

bulliesnerdsWe all remember the super intelligent, highly introverted, shy kids in school – the ones that many called “nerds.” They were picked on by bullies, teased by jocks, and usually dateless for social functions  – if they showed up at all.


You could always find them hanging out together in one corner of the gymnasium, auditorium or hallway. They could complete academic tasks at the speed of light but were very uncomfortable with casual conversation.

Occasionally, you would learn that a few of these kids were not bothered by anyone. Did you ever wonder why? Was it because they were physical bad-asses that no one wanted to hassle? Did they buy their “protection” from the bullies and jocks with lots of cash? Did they have cool cars and drive everyone around all the time? The answer is “D” – none of the above.

What they had was – hello – brains! They did the bullies’ and jocks’ homework for them and in return, they were not hassled. The real smart ones didn’t tell anyone – not even their friends. They walked the halls and the parking lots with no fear. They didn’t have to worry about their books being knocked out of their arms (we didn’t have book bags back then), being pushed around at lunchtime, or even ditched in line. They weren’t accepted into the “in crowd.” Instead, these kids smartly bartered their way into peaceful co-existence with it.


The “wiz kids” usually moved on to secure very good employment and incomes. Some eventually became heads of departments, and depending on their communication skills, went on to be top executives in major firms. Some even started their own companies, like Bill Gates.


Most of the bullies and jocks usually ended up with mediocre employment and maybe middle-management positions, at best.

Enter Tim Geithner – Nerd Extraordinaire.


He is successful by any measure: educated, intelligent, good husband and father, good income and recognized for excellence and high achievement in the world of finance. He is a man of many accomplishments and few missteps. He is not – much like the “nerds” back in school – socially charismatic.

Enter Pundit World – the Bullies.punditworld1

Geithner has been on the job for barely two months and already Pundit World is all over him as if they were calling a football game and the quarterback threw a bad pass. “He’s not very good on his feet.” “Couldn’t the President have picked someone better to do the job?” And the ever-popular “Why aren’t we seeing more details in his plan?” – as if THEY have the ability to understand these complexities.

If you hear a pundit say “I’m no financial wizard but it seems to me that…” – take them at their word – they are not an expert. Realize they are on the air for our entertainment, not their “knowledge.” Truth-be-known: they know this, too. This is why most of them are skilled at making themselves sound more important than they really are.

Solving this country’s current financial crisis requires selecting the best for our team.

I’ll take the “nerd” standing in the corner, thank you.







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