June 14, 2009


How does a man with an incredible film career, which includes an Oscar, and four Oscar nominations, become so fearful of another man? Why would he intentionally make false statements about him? Why would he allow his illustrious career to get reduced to this? Is this how he wants to be remembered when he leaves this earth – the man who was afraid of something that wasn’t true? How fearful do you have to be to call any human being the “False Prophet?” Does he understand what he’s saying?

Jon Voight is very passionate about his love of the Jewish People and Israel. Most of us in this country can not only sympathize with his passion, but are in complete agreement that Israel should remain intact and independent.

What I don’t understand is how Jon came to believe that our President is somehow anti-Israel.

Barack Obama launched his campaign for the Presidency in the home of the late Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolfe. (FOX News said it was at the home of Bill Ayers. That’s a lie.)


Here’s what Rabbi Wolfe had to say about then candidate, Barack Obama.

Also during his campaign, Obama gave a very pro-Israeli speech at AIPAC. 

Our President’s desire to assist in creating peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis is hardly an anti-Israeli position. Obviously, the 1948 War of Independence, the 1956 Sinai War , the 1967 Six Day War  and  1973 Yom Kippur War haven’t brought lasting peace between Arabs and Jews. Is it wrong to want to try something new? Isn’t it time to live in the moment, and not continue to fight the last 60+ years over and over again?

Neither country is without fault in this conflict. If the Israelis are settling in areas that are not theirs, then that has to stop. If the Palestinians are lobbing bombs into Israel, that too has to stop. In his speech in Cairo, Obama firmly said that these two countries must find common ground, create a lasting agreement and quickly move to implement that agreement.

Our role must be one that supports peace between Israel and Palestine. What that peace looks like has to be defined by them, not us. We can only voice our opinion and if requested by them, help to facilitate the communications.

I certainly hope that Jon learns more about our President’s position before he continues to make speeches that incorrectly state that position.

I want to remember Jon for the joy he brought to the millions of us who have enjoyed his films over the years.

I don’t want to remember him as just another radical speaker at a Republican Fundraiser

I find it interesting that those who say they “are scared” have no desire to squelch their fear. Instead, they choose to live with it, exploit it and blame someone else for it.

Thank God our founding fathers didn’t live that way.






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