July 8, 2009


On July 3rd, using a rambling narrative that sounded like a third grade composition, the Governor of Alaska stood with her family at the water’s edge and resigned.

Naturally, op-ed journalists and pundits started figuratively chewing off each other’s arms trying to be the first to write about what they thought was the reason for her resignation. They narrowed it down to four:

A.)  Running for President in 2012.

B.)  Paying off debt by doing speaking engagements on the “Lecture Circuit.”

C.)  Getting out before one of her ethics violations starts morphing into an indictment.

D.)  All of the above.

Personally, I couldn’t care less that Sarah Palin no longer holds public office in Alaska. Her activities mean nothing to me. She is not a viable political force on the national stage. I’m dumbfounded that there are rational, reasonably educated people who will watch these nineteen minutes and disagree.

I have no desire to create an opinion on this event. There are plenty being thrown around by all segments of the press and blogosphere.

Instead, allow me to share two insightful comments from among her more eloquent supporters:

Slamahammer writes: “the republicans and dems are scared of this woman– she would expose the corruption, kickbacks, ect. going on in washington.. she is just what we need, a stand up true american with great values, and one hell of a record..washington dont need somebody disrupting there scams and stealing our freakin money..i just hope that america will realize that sarah is one of us..“

Tbenzadrine adds: “I sure hope Sarah Palin goes on to run for president. We need someone with conservative values rather than a lying, closet Muslim, socialist, liberal (progressive) freedom stealing, bastard like bHo and his scum sucking administration.”

With fans like these…






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  1. […] in Mike Huckabee, and you have the Loonies Reunion Tour. The only one missing is, you guessed it, Sarah Palin.  The person sponsoring the event? Phyllis Schlafly, the anti-feminist, pro-lifer who authored […]

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