July 31, 2009

Earns Best Buy

Let me start by saying I am a BestBuy customer. I think they offer good value on many items.

Not on cell phones.

BestBuy has been running commercials advertising offers on cell phones and calling plans from many popular providers.

This “convenience” will cost you twice as much or more for your phone.

Full disclosure: I have been a Verizon Wireless customer through many 2-yr contracts. My reception is strong and almost always uninterrupted – even in my recording studio, which is below ground level. Before Verizon, I tried many of the other providers and none worked in the studio.

It was time for me to upgrade my phone which was a Silver Blackberry Pearl 8130.


I wanted to upgrade to the Silver Blackberry Curve 8330.


The phones have identical operating systems. The only real differences are the keyboard and screen sizes.


As I was coming close to my “Upgrade Date,” I kept an eye on the Curve. It was down to $49.99 for quite a while, but I was hoping it would be offered FREE with a renewed 2-yr contract. I waited until my “official” upgrade date and checked the price: FREE with a 2-yr contract.


Needless to say, I ordered it. The phone was delivered by FedEx THE NEXT DAY, also at no cost.

With a non-Verizon customer wanting the phone and a new 2-yr contract,  it’s $49.99.


BestBuy offers the identical phone, with a new 2-yr Verizon contract for $99.99.



If you already have a contract with Verizon, the phone is $99.99 and you pay $9.99 to have it delivered. Huh?




So, if you’re currently a Verizon customer, it will cost you MORE to upgrade your phone than if you’re a first-time customer. Exactly the OPPOSITE of Verizon’s upgrade policy.

I understand wanting to make a little profit for the “convenience” of offering cell phones and plans at your favorite electronics store. But I don’t believe charging twice as much or more for the phones is worth the “convenience.”

Sorry BestBuy. You’re not living up to your name with cell phones.






BTW – Did you notice the price of the phone without a plan? $579.99. Are you kidding me?

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