September 12, 2009


The depth and breadth of my Christian understanding exceeds that of most church goers. I was a volunteer, a team leader, a musician, and ultimately the administrator for my church. It was a rewarding, albeit, exhausting time in my life. Being “on the inside” of church operations allowed me access to information and knowledge few will ever have. I will never forget the experiences.

Our minister did far more than give messages on Sunday morning. She was as much a teacher as she was a pastor, always lifting people up, never judging anyone, and often putting her own well-being on the back burner to be there for others. Growing up, I assumed all ministers behaved this way.

Wow! Was I ever wrong.

Meet Rev. Wiley Drake and Pastor Steven Anderson.


Watch and listen to what they have to say about the death of the President of the United States.

Then of course, there are those who would follow through with action.

Fueling these fires are many who hide behind fictitious names like “Sleek1978” spewing their hatred. Here’s what was posted after Pastor Anderson’s sermon:

“Well Mr Pastor ….the whole ARAB WORLD support you and Amen to your prayer…Americans: this presedent is hijacking your country and the world to bring about the demonic agenda of the NWO ..be prepared America the micro chip is coming to you soon as it has been implemented in 3rd world countries as a test on pets now in united arab emirates and the RFID will be inforced by 2010,The NWO will not spare your blacks nor whites,its all planed folks and their plan is in action..which side youre on?”

Isn’t it interesting how little this person knows about our country’s language and its grammar?

Our nation is changing – for the better. But change never comes without discomfort. What is being revealed, now that we have our first man of color as President of the United States, is the truth about where and with whom the hatred, anger and bigotry rests in our land. This too, shall pass. These elements of our society will fade away over time. Those of us of the Christian faith will denounce the teachings of “false prohets” and move on.

There was a time, a couple decades back, when I would have been angry and writing hateful words of my own in retaliation to what you’ve seen and heard here. Now, I do my best to adhere to the teachings of our Way-shower.

“…forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

These words have saved me from experiencing much anguish.








  1. Ah yes, Pastor Steve Anderson. I listened to one of his rants on gays and it was truly disturbing. His wife is a fine piece of work as well: hmmm, well apparently she took her page down ranting about how those of us who do/did in-vitro fertilization are evil, selfish, baby killers, etc., etc. But yes, good reminder – forgive them, for they know not what they do

  2. Thanks for responding Lisa!

    Who knows? This may end up being a great way for family and friends to engage, without throwing punches. 🙂


  3. Heres a quote-I pledge before God my hostility towards every tyranny of thought over Man.

    • Thanks for the response, Willie.

      Whose quote is this?


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