October 14, 2009


Don’t deny it.

These commercials make you laugh EVERY time you see them.

See. You’re smiling now.

e-Trade hit it “out of the park” two Super Bowl Sundays ago, with the introduction and  animation of this little guy, whose name has not been released.

For those of us who are interested, the marketing genius behind the ads is Nick Utton. In an interview, he describes the creative thinking and animation process that went into this effort. At the time of the interview, the ads had over 10,000,000 hits on YouTube. When I checked today, it was over 12,000,000. That’s remarkable for a 30-second commercial.

And now, for the second posting in my new “Time to Laugh” series, here are all the e-Trade baby ads to date.

“I underestimated the creepiness” (Rented “Bobo, the Clown”)

“No big deal.” (Throwing up)

“Hey girl, can I hit you back?” (Blackberry)

“…the golden pipes” (Two babies)

“Shankapotomous” (Country club locker room)

e-Trade Outtakes

Outtakes from ABC-TV Special*

Still laughing, aren’t you?




*The last ABC clip was from a special called “Un-Broke: What You Need to Know About Money” with Mellody Hobson. And who could be seen in the room with Christian Slater in one scene?


Yup, that would be my son, Adam. Here’s the clip from the show.


  1. I was on “un-broke”… remember that?

    • And just like that, the clip has been added to the post.


      Thanks for reminding me.

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