November 18, 2009

“I firmly believe she will say or do something that will completely eliminate her from even considering a Presidential bid – ever.” 

My quote back in July, from Not in 2012 – Not Ever, seems to have become reality. Sarah Palin’s book, “Going Rogue: An American Life,” has eliminated any hopes she might have for a presidential bid. This golden opportunity to show she could possibly have some depth and gravitas as a viable national candidate has been squandered on petty gossip and fabrications about last year’s election and her version of events within the McCain Campaign. At least 18 statements were debunked within hours of the book’s release.

And sales?

NewsMax.com is offering the book for FREE with a subscription to their magazine. This means they had to have purchased thousands of copies at a ridiculously low price for this promotion.

According to MediaMatters.com, the book, which was released November 16, 2009, can be purchased at Amazon, Walmart and Target, among other retailers for $9 and less. It is also being used as a loss leader to attract customers. By comparison, Barack Obama’s two books, which were written in 1996 and 2006 are still selling for over $25.00 each.

Sarah’s quest for fame appears to be far more important to her than seeking elected office. Personally, I think she knows she can’t hold up under any real media scrutiny, and does not intend to be a candidate for any office. For entertainment’s sake, I hope I’m wrong.

And now, it seems that some may be looking beyond the former governor to the “next” Sarah Palin – Carrie Prejean. Lest you think I jest, here’s what Rep. Jason Caffetz (R-UT) has to say about the now infamous, un-holier-than-thou, Ms. Prejean.

I wonder how his wife of 18 years feels about the sex-video beauty queen?

Is the Conservative Movement embracing beauty instead of brains? Is animal instinct now a part of the vetting process? Why would anyone think that either of these women are remotely capable of winning an election for any national office? If you’re anti-gay, you qualify? If you’re Pro-Life, you qualify?

Does it matter that both are clueless on the foreign and domestic issues affecting our country?

Apparently not.




  1. Dad… she’s running. And could very well get it. She is more popular now than ever. It seems unfathomable, but she’s not going away.

    • I don’t think she wants to work that hard. It’s easy being a “star” when all you have to do is show up. When she has to be substantive, she’ll fall apart. She can’t take the heat.

      But if she does run, and if she does win the nomination, it will be the most entertaining summer I’ve had in years.


      • Of course, if she’s elected, it’d be the worst 4 years this country’s ever seen. Unless, you know, she quits half-way through for a sparkly object.

      • She’s angered all the political pros in her party with this book. No skilled campaign manager will want to work with her and she’s not capable of running her own campaign.

        She’s horrible with money, has no business management skills, and has the strategical thinking of a field mouse. Add to that her lack of ethics and vision, and you have a powder keg for a candidate who could “go rogue” at any given moment.

        Gee, who wouldn’t want to work with THAT?

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