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November 10, 2009


Over the last several months, our group, Powerline, posted ads for two positions to complete the band: a 2nd lead guitarist with vocal experience and a vocalist with a powerful, 1st tenor voice. We are very fortunate to have found both. There is no doubt the wording of our ads had much to do with attracting this talent.

My mother constantly corrected my verbal and written use of the English language when I was in school. It was very annoying then, but I couldn’t be more thankful now. While on Craigslist, I saw this ad. I immediately thought of her, knowing she would be gasping for air just reading the title and having convulsions after the first sentence:


“Just decided im done with the unreliability of my last band. i am very versatile. im in to the black keys, dan auerbach, hacienda, jimi hendrix, devendra banhart, pretty much all blues and jazz, wolfmother, white stripes, raconteurs, martin sexton, redwalls, cream, ccr, led zeppelin. you know.

love psychadellic shit and appalachian acoustic.

i play a gibson les paul pro deluxe 1980
and a psychadellic strat and 1968 yamaha acoustic.

i am also 19 and am not looking for a bunh of old dudes to jam with. the closer to osu campus and my age the better.”

I know I’m older than most musicians playing in local rock bands. But, this guy needs to go back to middle school and try not cheating on English tests. As for the content, there was one respondent who said it all in one simple sentence:


“Looks like a solo career in the making.”

Perfect. 🙂





November 6, 2009


One week from today, I will be at the famous Hudson Theatre in LA watching Adam perform live the show that is ten years in the making.


But it’s not pride making that statement. It’s a fellow artist who more than understands the incredible perseverance necessary to even get close to this point. This is not something a parent can teach a child which is why you will not observe any chest-thumping on my part. And, from what I have observed, the same goes for Adam.


When you work this hard, you learn to let your work speak for itself. Bragging diminishes the effort – humility augments it.

It’s been eight years since his performance at the Comedy Store. And now, he’ll be performing for the people who run the “factory” that makes comedy come alive 24/7 – Comedy Central.

So I will take this moment to congratulate Adam: the creator, writer, producer, director, videographer, editor and actor of what I am sure will be one of the most unique live shows the Hudson Theatre has ever seen. 


Giddy-up, Adam!





November 6, 2009


Meatloaf‘s tune describes the path to the ever-elusive goal of “paradise” in a car with great humor, music and lyrics.

I am not about to disclose actual events – I have a wife and children who don’t need every detail of my mid-to-late teen life, nor do I need every detail of theirs. We’ve all been there, right?

If you haven’t, you’re too young to read this post.

Let’s examine what we had to work with back then. True, most cars had bench seats in front, which made some “moves” easier. But that’s where any assistance from auto manufacturers came to a screeching halt.


A shoulder blade into a hard, unpadded steering wheel or an elbow into the all-steel dash would “deflate” things quickly. I was convinced interior designers had no libidos.

Edsel Dash

Nothing says “oh, forget it” like her head smacking into a metal window crank or door handle.


And, God forbid, your car had an add-on air conditioning unit.


As for the dashboard lights? Too bright: you wouldn’t even get past first base. Too dim: you wouldn’t be able to see anything if you did get past first base – which is why she wanted them off!

So why not go to the back seat?

If you don’t know the answer, I can’t help you. Okay, I won’t help you. TMI

But change is inevitable and today, apparently, libidos are considered when designing interiors. There’s great padding on everything.


The replacement of the bench seat with two bucket seats probably helps with getting to the back seat, and closer to the “goal.”

I wouldn’t know.

By the time I had a car with bucket seats, I owned a couch. 🙂