March 3, 2010

I’m not sure this falls into the “Time To Laugh” category but I was so captivated by the creativity, I thought I would share.

First, take a look at these.

I know the artwork is good, but not necessarily brilliant. What makes it creative is these are full-sized posters designed to be mounted on garage doors.

Cost: $199 to $399.

I grabbed some pictures of houses off the web, then added some of the posters with a little help from Photoshop.



I saved my personal favorite for last. 🙂


Thanks for indulging me.



PS – The German firm that makes these posters is called “Style Your Garage.”


  1. After I stopped laughing and oohing, I tried to imagine the houses attached to those garages Then here you come with pictures of impossibility and made them possible Thanks I enjoyed

    • Thanks for responding Victoria.

      The artwork is very realistic, to be sure. Imagine the looks you would get from people driving by your house and looking into what they think is the garage, only to see an Army tank!

      You know some people would stop to take a closer look. Others might report you to the authorities!



  2. I’m surprized you didn’t do ours – a corvette or harley

    • If they had a Corvette or a Harley poster, I would have used it.

      Thanks for responding, honey.


  3. It would be interesting to have a hidden camera and put the gold bars picture up – how many people would walk up to it?

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