February 13, 2011


Interesting that my first post in nearly a year will be about an idea that came to fruition, only to see its extinction two years later.

It’s certainly not uncommon, and statistically it’s inevitable, but that does not change the sadness one feels when the day arrives. You think back to the dozens of auditions, hundreds of hours of rehearsals, the camaraderie, the long discussions and finally, the performances. All of this runs through your mind, like one short film after another with flashes of the current “scene” intermittent throughout.

Time spent on trying to understand what happened is useless and unproductive. It is what it is. Living in the moment keeps things in perspective and the “should’ve-would’ve-could’ve” thought process at bay. You quickly look inward, trying to find that still small voice, that has guided you well in the past, to once again move you forward. Lingering is not an option.

Fortunately, you have many good memories in pictures and video, all of which capture the project’s essence for future generations thanks to cyberspace.

Now comes the longing to fill the void – not right away – but soon. It does not have to be a replication of what just passed, but certainly needs many of the same elements or you won’t be “fed.” You start thinking about people you’ve worked with in previous projects and ask yourself if you should cross any of those bridges again. The answer does not come immediately, which indicates possibilities. On the other hand, you realize that whatever issues caused those projects to end, could and mostly likely would manifest themselves in a new one.

So this journey called “life” continues – one ride ending and another beginning.




  1. Michael, I am sorry to hear and read about the band. Being a “retired” keyboard player myself I can relate to your post. I think the only thing harder than putting a band together is keeping it together. I have no idea what happened with your band but I have been there before. It is ironic looking back the bond and friendship you built seems like it will last forever, but it always seems to crumble so quickly when you least expect it. It has to be tough in your case as Powerline was the best band that Central Oho has seen in years. The unison and attention to the minute details of your music was unmatched. I wish you the best. I hope you re-enter the music scene as your talent is too great not to be heard and seen. As I musician when I heard you play I kept hoping to hear you make one mistake to make me feel better, but Damm it you never did LOL. Do not let those chops rest Bro!!!!

    Best of luck to you.

  2. Hi John. Thanks for the very kind words. I have no intention of sitting back. Even before Powerline, I was performing and working a lot in my studio. I’ve had some offers since the band dissolved. I will be rehearsing with one of those bands in about a week. I’ll keep you posted. What’s that saying? “One door closes, another one opens.”



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