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April 26, 2010

A good friend to the rescue.

A little over a year ago, this blog started out as a political blog with some other subjects injected from time to time. Since the election of our 44th President, I’ve watched the rhetoric become hate-filled and even violent by the extreme elements in both parties, but mostly the far, far radical right of the Republican Party. This is troubling to me and as a result, I find myself wanting to disengage. My goal with this blog is to provoke thoughtful, respectful and intellectual discussion of the issues facing our country. I have no desire to engage in the cynicism of today’s political dialogue.

It’s one thing to disagree with our President on the issues. It is by far, another “thing” entirely when you simply say, “I don’t think he’s American” because he doesn’t look like you or his name doesn’t “sound” American.

I could go “into the weeds” on all that has happened since the Healthcare legislation was signed into law, but why bother? Where would I start? The lies from the opposition party about the contents of this legislation? The “come armed and dangerous” statements from the extremists who use code words in a very poor attempt to hide their true feelings about our African-American President? The “we’re loosing our country” and “we want our country back” statements from these same groups? Just asking the questions, I’ve spent more time than any of this blather warrants. And I’m saddened to see how much attention is given to all of this by media.

So why did I call this post, “Pomeroy’s Rant?”

A very good friend for many years noticed that I had not written a post in quite some time. (This is mostly due to my far more hectic work and music schedule. Things are currently moving at a rapid pace in my life and unfortunately, blogging is not a top priority. But I digress.)

He sent me a rant in an e-mail and it brought a huge smile to my face. (BTW – He’s a Republican/Conservative, in the truest sense of what that means, not what we’ve seen lately from the party and the movement.) Here’s nearly all of what he had to say – I added the graphics:

Hi Mike,

Since I haven’t seen a rant from you lately, I thought I’d give some cannon fodder. 

I am sick and tired of:

     1) “Send this on to all your email contacts and you’ll have a blessing  from God at 1:01 AM this morning…”

     2) “President Obama’s birth certificate is false… verified evidence!” 

     3) “The new Health Plan establishes death panels for the aged!”

     4) “Abortions will be paid for by our taxes!” 

     5) “Sarah Palin is a qualified air-head!”

And the one this morning that just set me off, for no good reason… 

     6) “Cell phone numbers are about to made public – Register your cell phone number in a do-not-call registry or you will be charged for each telemarketing call!” 

Excuse my French: this “sh*t” is unsubstantiated rhetoric by (a) manipulative few attempting to dissuade others’ emotions by use of nothing less than basic, contrived propaganda. People that pass this stuff on are ignorant and irresponsible. 

At minimum, it’s clogging internet bandwidth with drivel. In the middle, it’s occupying people’s minds and emotions with unimportant things. At maximum, it distracts the public mind (collective) of our country in the wrong directions.

Mike, I’m basically Republican based and therefore we have some political differences BUT you substantiate your views and I respect them even though I may disagree with some of them. That makes us good friends because we can share differing points of view without beating each other senseless. I wish our Congress had the good sense (to) behave similarly and constructively but it seems they don’t. 

As one that believes in Christ’s death on the cross in payment for my sins (note that I don’t use the term “Christian” because that now draws wrath due to vast numbers of “Christians” that show little to no understanding of scripture and/or twist it to their own perverse purposes – a whole ‘nother rant by itself) …I have had it with the tripe that friends send me that is emotionally conceived and totally inaccurate.

As a believer in Christ, I accept… my responsibility to further truth, not mindless, creative, fictional crap. There’s enough dissention in the world without creating more out of thin air. I check the validity of anything I pass on or state that I have not been able to verify the “source.”  Remember when quality journalism required proof of the source before publication?

Would I sound ridiculously “religious” if I say that Satan works predominately through minor deceptions, falsehoods and little white lies to draw otherwise good, intelligent people away from real truth and occupy their minds with emotional drivel instead of God and His will in their lives? Maybe so, but that’s how I see it. Right now, I don’t see much truth, anywhere! All I see is money paths and deception. 

Mike, this has nothing to do with anything you’ve written. As I’ve said, I may disagree with a couple of your points but I respect the difference and you. Supported points are well taken. I just got another one of these mindless emails (and it) put me over (the) edge. You’ve got the front-site for good “rants” and I give this one to you. Elaborate/edit as you wish, please. I trust you.

Have fun with it, Geoff

Now that’s what I call speaking “truth-to-power.”

Amen, brother.


PS – Hey Geoff: want to start a radio talk show? I think we’d make a pretty good team. The concept would be totally new – an independent conservative and an independent progressive in the same room, live, communicating without the threat of violence. Wouldn’t that be refreshing? Actually, it would probably be too boring for today’s ADD audiences. 🙂



May 21, 2009


This post will not be easy to write.

My faith is very personal. I don’t spew it onto others and I do not respond when others try to spew theirs onto me. In fact, I find it somewhat uncomfortable to even discuss my faith unless I’m in a “safe” environment such as my church or home.

It is my experience that most practicing Christians walk with calm, quite strength through their daily routines and a reasonably clear understanding about the natural and spiritual order of life. I also find that each person experiences these differently, through his or her own personal aperture and no two understandings are exactly alike.

It is not surprising that some wear religion “on their sleeve” often quoting Biblical Scripture in nearly every situation. I don’t begrudge them. I’m simply stating my personal lack of comfort with the practice.

I do, however, take serious issue with public policy being directed by one’s personal interpretation of the Bible – a group of 66 individual books written in different parts of the world, at different times, most of which were literally spoken to scribes, in different languages, who then wrote what they heard. Contradictions within the Bible aside, the very fact that there are so many interpretations of the Bible and therefore different Christian denominations, convinces me that any elected official using his or her interpretation to make public policy is highly inappropriate.

So imagine my surprise when I read “And He Shall Be Judged,” an article by Robert Draper published this week. Draper is the author of Dead Certain: The Presidency of George W. Bush  and a correspondent covering John McCain’s campaign.

As much as I don’t want you to stop reading this page, I highly recommend taking a few minutes to read Draper’s article. I’ll wait. 🙂

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, allowed the use of Biblical Scripture on the covers of top secret Worldwide Intelligence Updates prepared for the President and others to reinforce the belief that invading a sovereign nation was the Christian thing to do, much like the warring Christians and Muslims during the Crusades.

Here are some of the covers as reported by GQ Magazine online.













Apparently, Bush liked the idea, using the term “Crusade” when he addressed the public on the invasion.

He continued applying religious terms to justify the War on Terror.

His certitude was complimented by his admirers. They believed that Bush’s application of his Biblical knowledge towards public policy was the proper way to lead our nation.

Bush continued to gain confidence about his decisions, with an arrogance no leader should ever display. Here are some quick clips.

I will NEVER discount or criticize the beliefs of others. This nation was founded on the concept of individual freedoms – religious faith being one of them.

But we are a SECULAR Republic functioning as a Democracy, not a Theocracy. Our forefathers specifically stayed away from religious teachings when creating our Constitution. This is how the separation of church and state is implied and applied in our form of government.

The idea that Donald Rumsfeld allowed CHRISTIAN Scripture on the covers of top secret Intelligence Updates to help justify a military action is abominable.

I pray it never happens again.