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June 27, 2009


As a professional musician, I have enormous respect for Michael Jackson’s contribution to music. MJ01Of the 12 solo albums he released, the three that really spoke to me were Off the Wall, Thriller, and Bad. That music, put to electrifying live performances that have never been matched – and often poorly copied – produced a once-in-a-lifetime entertainer.






That’s the Michael most of us will remember.



There was, of course, the tormented Michael that succumbed to his “demons.”



We witnessed, with dismay and concern, his album-by-album physical disfigurement, the unhealthy desire to be child-like, the accusations of pedophilia and the anorexia that took him from a vibrant, energetic singer and dancer to a 5’10” man whose stage outfits probably weighed more than him when he passed.


MJ04We can only speculate about some aspects of his life: the strained relationship with his father, his unusually close friendships with Diana Ross and Elizabeth Taylor, the sister who seemed to be closest to him (La Toya) and the one who seemed the most distant (Janet).





Michael’s “inner circle” kept him a mystery to us, often misleading the press of his whereabouts, his health, his relationships and his lifestyle.






There was the Michael that donated millions to fight childhood hunger in this country and around the world.




Those that believe he was a pedophile (he was acquitted in one trial and settled out of court in the other) say that his desire to help children was his way of getting close to them.





Their reasoning is that pedophiles notoriuously take jobs in venues that keep them in close proximity to children such as schools, little league sports, Sunday school, etc.





I’m glad we will never know for certain. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

At 2:26pm on June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson left a painful life here on earth to be in peace.  

The hurt is now gone.




Those of us still on this earthly plane will be inundated with story after story about his life – the triumphs and the tragedies – and his death.






We’ll grow weary of hearing about how great he was, or how pathetic he was, or the combination of both.





Once all this has passed, we will be left with the incredible gift he gave to the world – his music.




Sing and dance with the angels, Michael.

They will welcome you.