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December 24, 2009


The stakes are high.

You’re compelled to “get in front of the situation,” but caution rules. The wrong call could cause an unwanted outcome. Though your competitive nature is in direct conflict with your pragmatism, you know – much like a good poker player knows – you must keep your “hand” close to the vest. Uninformed people are quick to judge, so you don’t allow their noise to define your strategy. Media claims you’re unwilling to fight for what you believe in. Like all of us, media is on the outside looking in and has very little real knowledge of how the “battle” is being waged. Contrary to what they tells us, and the overflow of “advice” so freely offered to you, they’re clueless.

You’re up against private sector interests that funnel millions of dollars into legislators’ campaigns to keep their profits high, while burdening our citizens with insurmountable costs thus reducing the quality of their lives.

Therefore, quitting is not an option.

You were elevated by millions who believed your words, saw your passion and trusted your wisdom. As a student of history, you anticipated many would become impatient and turn on you. I imagine you’ve said to yourself on more than one occasion, “It’s remarkable how much people expect in such a short period of time.”

Unlike other contests, your work didn’t begin until after the scrimmage was over and everyone went back to their normal routines. Now, far less engaged, watching from the sidelines, people expect things to move as fast as they did when they were in the game.

They believe they’re entitled to all that you promised, right here, right now, ignoring the obvious: major change takes patience and time.

Contrary to the words of your detractors, your accomplishments thus far are significant: The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act (Equal Pay for Women), State Children’s Health Insurance Program, 3.4% Raise for Military and Increase in Jobless BenefitsAmerican Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention ActCash for Clunkers Program9-11 National Day of Service and RemembranceFranken Anti-Rape Amendment (part of the Defense Appropriations Act of 2010), to name a few.

In addition, there are other achievements that have barely been reported on Electronic Medical Records Infrastructure,  Communications, Transportation, Education, Re-organization of the Auto Industry, Aid Commitment to Pakistan (with help from Japan), Anti-Gang and Anti-Gun Task Forces in Major Cities and Forest Conservation.

What you have in the works is very extensive. 

With all the slicing and dicing on every syllable of the current healthcare legislation, it is easy to ignore the magnitude of this endeavor. The whining from both sides of the aisle – which is good for the process – and the lame-brained, idiotic blather coming from Pundit World – which does nothing for the process – tramples the fact that you are closer to achieving major, sweeping social change, than any President since Franklin Roosevelt – in your first year.

As a Constitutional Scholar and former Harvard Law Review President, you know the amendments removed from this current version of the legislation – the ones causing supporters’ churn – can be introduced in subsequent bills and passed in reconciliation, after this bill is law. This would not only be more expedient, but would give political cover to those in your party who opposed these amendments when they were first introduced. Needing only 50 votes and Vice President Biden’s tie-breaking vote, those opposed could vote against the legislation, it would still pass, and everyone would be appeased. You also know announcing this strategy publically would shut down this historic legislation for at least another decade, thereby defining yours as a failed Presidency.

So why do people think you don’t get it? Why do they think you don’t know how to fight? Why do they think every “battle” has to be waged in front of a camera?

Your “No Drama Obama” calm exterior fools people into believing all of the above – none of which is true.

Why don’t those who said they trust you, trust you?

In last year’s campaign, a Clinton supporter told your wife, “Hillary will win the primary and the election because Barack doesn’t have what it takes to beat the Clintons.”

“You underestimate him at your peril,” replied Michelle.

She would know.