My entire musical history beginning in 1965 is on these pages. I “retired” from performing for my living late in 2003. I’m still very involved in music, but as an avocation, rather than a vocation.

I add a new entry to the site every year to keep family and friends updated. In December of 2007, I wrote about politics in depth. There are two pages on the site devoted to the subject: Yes, I’m Going There (2007) and Faith Trumps Fear (2008).

In 2009, my son, Adam Kontras, suggested this blog.

The rest is – as they say – history.





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  1. Dear Michael,
    What a lovely tribute to Nick!!!! You captured our cousin well and so honestly. Thank you for taking your time and following through. While in Mexico, we often talked about his music and his involvement with something he truly loved..performing. He brought joy to so many and he will be sorely missed. Thank you again and I hope you can someday capture his essence in song. I’d love to sing it.

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